Can blogging in a down economy really help you?

The current lockdown has left a major impact on our economy. With the current scenario, most of the people are working remotely, i.e. work from home. The work from home (WFH) culture has now become the current job trend. It serves as a blessing to churn out your creativity in the spare time. Blogging in a down economy can prove to be a boon for many.

Thanks to the Blogs or weblogs, now you can easily express yourself from anything to everything. From writing about your day-to-day activities, recording opinions to stories, photos & videos, your blog or mini-site can help you gain an immense following on social media. Blogging is an economical way of driving traffic to your site & attracting more followers or customers.

blogging in down economy
Benefits of Blogging in Down Economy

What’s more appealing to Blogging is that anyone can do it from anywhere, be it your home, coffee shop, or from a beach. You can create your blog easily with many free sites like WordPress, Blogger, and many more.

How can you benefit from Blogging in a down economy?

Small and medium businesses as well as individual service providers get the maximum blow of a down economy. The business dips, customers do not turn up but expenses remain static for the local businesses. At such times, blogging can turn the game and bring you back in business for sure.

Blogging in a down economy is an effective way to generate brand awareness by providing researched & thorough content to the target audience. Here’s how individuals & firms can benefit from blogging-

Build trust & rapport with your prospects

In this digital age, it is necessary to develop a strong web presence for any business or profession to thrive. Therefore, blogging is an effective strategy for online marketing to engage with customers. Most of the companies use blogging as a part of their marketing strategy to acquire new customers. As compared to other marketing strategies, blogging comes as a very affordable option to survive and succeed especially in a down economy.

Boost SEO to rank higher on search engines

Search engines are always crawling for fresh, crisp & relevant content. Blogging is one of the simple & inexpensive methods to make your business rank higher in search engine results. When you create new content, the search engines crawlers add new keywords to their index.

Strengthen relationships with customers

Branding & online marketing require constant customer engagement. Blogging provides you the platform to show your expertise and credibility. People can easily post comments and interact with you & this way you can win the trust of the prospective visitors.

Give a personal touch to your brand

Blogging is an easy way to keep your clients or followers up-to-date on what’s going on, with your new tips & advice related to their problems, the users would wait for your new blog. In tough times of a down economy or lockdown times, creating personalized touch through blogs is highly effective.

Moreover, the more a customer or user visits your blog, the more likely they are going to become your follower or spend money on the products.

Share your knowledge with others

Being a blogger, you can share your knowledge of a topic related to your service/ product & become an expert in imparting the needed training to the users with the help of online videos or step-by-step tutorials. This can lead to sales or new customers even when the market is not upbeat.

Generate income with marketing tools

Interestingly, blogs can be a source of income with affiliate marketing & advertising product on your blog. It can serve as a marketing tool for an individual blogger or a business. You can easily generate income by allowing affiliate products or ads on your blogs.

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Take a leap from freelancer to a professional service provider

As a freelancer such as graphic designer, writer, web solutions provider, etc., you look out for clients at various online platforms to sell your product or service. However, when you create your blog, you begin to make a mark as a professional service provider. Your constant blogging, related to your work experience, will help you to fetch business instead of you running after the clients.

In case, the above advantages inspire you to start or re-start your blog, then this is the right moment. You may write yourself or delegate the task to a trusted digital content creator while you remain focused on your core business. For professional content creation, email at today!

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