Latest Content Marketing Trends to Promote Your Business

You have made consistent sound investments to promote your business but the investments are not paying dividends as expected. So, what’s going wrong? Is it something that you are not doing right? Have you not applied the SEO and latest content marketing trends – the two buzzing notes for promoting your brand correctly?


Remember, content marketing is an ever-changing landscape. In order to stay ahead of the game, you need to stay tuned with the trends because something that clicked last year may not be as convincing to succeed this year.

Latest Content Marketing Trends to Adopt This Year


Effective content marketing is all about understanding your audience, anticipating changing trends, and strategizing your promotions accordingly. Here are some of the latest content marketing trends to promote your business this year:

  • Personalized Content

The best way to connect with your customers is to speak their language. It helps you communicate with your customers at an individual level. Personalized content is tailored according to the preferences and profile of a customer. Moreover, it focuses on catering to their specific needs and encouraging them to follow the next step. Studies suggest that personalization leads can help brands elevate sales opportunities by over 20%.

Again, personalized marketing is driven by data. The more you know about a customer, the better personalization you can offer. Various content communities and media platforms can help you extend your reach for better brand awareness. Besides, community marketing can help you reach out and engage with your customers to develop better brand loyalty.


  • Next-Level Visual Content

Interactive content and generative media on visually forward platforms always appeal to users of different age groups. Current social media platforms are loaded with augmented reality filters that help users create their own stories.

Therefore, small businesses can break the ground with branded entertainment in the social media space using next-level visual content. You can also leverage such real-time engagement on entertainment channels to create impactful content. It generates real engagement and promotes trust in your brand.

  • Content Optimization and Repurposing

For almost a decade, marketers have focused on long-form content for brand promotions. However, current content marketing trends have shifted from detailed, articles to more specific long-tail keywords & niche-based content optimization.

This simple change gets you a better ranking on Google, improved organic traffic, and winning more customers. Once you have your keywords handy, it is all about reframing your content around the specific business segment.

Long-tail keywords also support screenless searches. This is an era of digital assistants where millions of customers use screenless search rather than browsing on their smartphones. At least 20% of all searching comes via voice search accounts.

The next step is to repurpose your content across channels via webinars, live videos, infographics, blog posts, podcasts, and more to create a high-quality valuable customer experience.

Remember to take a media publishing approach rather than flooding your audience with random content. Offering content diversity can help entice new audiences.

  • Influencer Marketing

The concept of video marketing is not new to businesses. Various marketing surveys have revealed that people watch explainers and brand videos before they are convinced to purchase a product. Influencer marketing takes the video marketing trend to the next step. It provides social proof for the validity of a product or the reliability of a brand to a buyer.

Research suggests that over 92% of buyers rely on individual recommendations for a brand. So, businesses can use this shift from quantity to quality to endorse their brands.

Interestingly, content collaboration is no longer about guest posts or sponsored content. Collaborating with micro-influencers having massive followers can provide a higher customer engagement for your business. Along with this, accompany the promotion videos provided to influencers with a link to allow users to quickly buy your products.


Remember, your content marketing strategy should focus on adaptability and flexibility. It should pivot around improving the overall content experience. Include data-backed content in your posts involving case studies and reliable stats.

Offer content diversity in the form of webinars, podcasts, text content, and tactical calls-to-actions. In addition, prove your expertise, loyalty, and authoritativeness to your customers. They will love to trust your brand.

Keep experimenting with upcoming trends to fuel your content marketing strategy. Notably, it’s vital for better promotion of your business, higher customer engagement, and improved brand loyalty.


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How benefits of Infographics aid the content marketing of small websites?

Developing the right content marketing strategy is the most crucial thing for your small business. Given loads of content already available on the internet, small business owners need to be careful enough to set themselves apart from others through their content marketing tactics. The right strategy aids in educating the consumers about the business besides developing a deep connection between the business owners and their consumers. Now, Infographics have emerged as one of the most popular content marketing strategies for businesses across diverse industries. An infographic effectively informs the relevant information and data to the consumers, along with giving a cutting edge to small businesses. Still not clear about the role of infographics, then read on the major benefits of Infographics which makes them such a hit strategy for small websites:


Major benefits of Infographics for a business

Simple to read and understand

Infographics offer information through appealing visuals. It helps to quickly read through the information with lucidity as well as restore the same in the minds of the readers. Since 65% of the readers are visual learners, infographics permit fast acceptance and memorization of the information for a considerable time.

Reasons that make infographics popular
Infographics involve appealing color schemes, fonts, icons, graphs, and other visuals to enhance customer connection.

A captivating and compelling presentation

At least 90% of the information that is transmitted to the brain is in visuals. Therefore, in comparison to traditional text, the visual presentation of data is easily absorbed and retained by readers.

The presentation is the best part of an infographic as the content, whether text or statistics, appears in a systematic and appealing manner. The whole presentation thus looks impressive and creates trustworthiness.

Well researched and authentic

For producing an infographic that offers deep insight into the industry, it requires thorough research backed with sufficient facts. Such kind of visual presentation is well-received by the readers as it enhances their knowledge base creatively. It also proves the authenticity and authority of the business owner.


Great visuals prompt readers to like and share the posts. This naturally draws more traffic. Consequently, Google ranks such infographic posts at a higher level in comparison to plain text content. Further, this attracts more traffic on such visually appealing posts. As per research, the sites who use infographics witness growth of 12% in traffic more than those who do not.

Strong Customer connection

As the infographic posts aim to educate the audience about the topic discussed, even providing solutions, the people get instantly connected. Hence, this paves the way for relationship building between the brand and the audience. Moreover, it also creates a big scope of developing a strong customer base without appearing ‘salesy’.


It is easy to embed code in the infographic posted which makes sharing of the infographic more convenient. When people share the same on their websites, it results in more traffic coming from their websites back to the original site.


Diverse styles of Infographics for varied purposes

Medical care infographic


Whether you are a business owner desiring to connect with your potential consumers or a manager aiming to connect with his team through visual tools, an infographic is extremely practicable for diverse purposes. You may have diverse styles of infographics for varied purposes-

  • To share a list of benefits or features
  • To explain a process in a step-by-step way
  • Presents complicated statistical information in simplified form
  • To express information creatively using a mix of icons, colors, and texts
  • To simplify demographic data using labels, maps, etc.
  • Prepare a comparative study between 2 or more items easily
  • To show hierarchy or flow chart
  • To create a resume aesthetically by using simple colors, icons, and data visualizations.
Final Note on Benefits of Infographics

It’s evident now that the infographics are the ‘in’ thing and are here to stay as a successful content marketing strategy. Therefore, small websites need to embrace this popular strategy to grab a bigger pie of the customer base.

To conclude, the right kind of content marketing is undoubtedly an asset and a weapon to keep by your side for attaining an edge over competitors. For any kind of content solutions for your marketing strategy, you can get in touch with us at

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Stay Ahead with Content Marketing Goals for 2020

Stay ahead with content marketing goals for 2020

content marketing

It is the time to redevelop your content marketing goals for the year 2020 and put them into action ASAP for favorable results. A right content marketing strategy can take your business to the level you have aimed for.

In case, you are still not clear what will work for your business and what will not then don’t worry, as we have a list of content marketing goals for you which successful companies will go for this year. Without further delay, check these content marketing goals for 2020:

Design Content calendar

Instead of working on a random basis, plan your year ahead for content production. Chalk out the list of media outlets that will form part of your strategy during this calendar year. Owing to ever-changing technology, diverse media opportunities are available such as Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Instagram stories, news feeds, blogging, and so on. Therefore, decide now what all will fall part of your content calendar.

Create content in advance

Once you are decided about the number of blog posts, Facebook posts, featured writing or newsletter for the month, create them in advance and schedule the same to be live at the right timings in advance.  It’s hassle-free and saves time for other production operations.

Quality content over quantity of content

Authority content

Tons of contents produced no longer sell or attract the audience for a long time. It’s the quality that rules now. Therefore, instead of churning out one blog post after another, focus on one authority content reflecting industry expertise that matters more for the audience and consequently, improves search ranking. For all those who aim to stay ahead with 2020 content marketing goals, we need to remember, Google also favors authority content over meaningless numerous posts.

Tell engaging stories

Consider the issues that relate to the community at large and address the same through quality content. Rather than focusing on ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’, shift the attention to the readers. When storytelling is at the center stage, the audience automatically connects and stays.

Curated content

Curated content is the call of the year 2020. As there is so much written stuff available on the internet, it becomes necessary to curate content and provide valuable information to the readers. This also promotes the genuine sharing of content through various channels.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Content marketing, when combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI), can fetch never-before results. Not only AI ensures the accomplishment of content marketing campaigns but it also affirms personalized customer engagement on a large scale. The new-age AI platforms have real image reading capabilities and respond to search engine queries that consequently help in ranking web pages. One such AI tool is Google’s RankBrain.

Another crucial Google AI platform, TensorFlow, facilitates the creation of such models that guide what content to use and at what time to publish to achieve enhanced results.

Ephemeral Marketing

It’s another innovative as well as effective marketing that creates a direct connection between the company and its customers. The purpose of this strategy is to evoke excitement among customers and compel them to act in real-time on the stories posted on social media platforms. For example, stories posted on Instagram are meant for a short duration but create an interactive atmosphere among the customers in comparison to the ‘sales’ sponsored posts.

Revamp websites

Give a makeover to the old-looking website with appealing images and updated content. This would attract more audience as well as prompt them to stay longer on the site. As a result, the conversion rate will jump up to new levels.

Repurpose content

Recreate the classic content pieces from the past and present them in a new format in 2020. Adding visual content is a great way to present information and data. Infographics and videos are two such mediums that bring back the appeal in the old content as well as draw the much-desired attention of the consumers.


What makes Podcast unique is its availability in smartphones anywhere and anytime. A podcast can be downloaded and listened to while shopping, driving or even resting.

 Launching a podcast for business helps to reach out to that section of the society that does not enjoy reading. It’s in the trend and has the capability to hold listeners to a long duration of time. Plus, these have immense shell life and are highly shareable provided podcasts carry great content.

The above-mentioned content marketing goals will positively help businesses to engage their audience and attract better sales conversion.

In case, you need help in content creation to achieve your content marketing goals for 2020 then you can count upon us. Just drop a mail at and we will provide customized content services that meet your goals.

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